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On October 27, 2022, Acceleration Economy hosted the “Data Modernization Battleground” digital event, in which leading data tool vendors were invited to showcase their products before a panel of Acceleration Economy analysts.
In this Data Modernization Battleground moment, excerpted from the opening roundtable, Acceleration Economy analyst Chris Hughes explains the importance of data from his perspective as a cybersecurity analyst.
00:16 — Chris says that cybersecurity professionals must understand data inventory, how businesses are using data, and who has access to it.
00:30 Data security must be ensured, whether data is in transit or at rest, regardless of how it is being used. It is crucial to identify any regulatory requirements around data, like health data or payment card data.
01:01 — The business world could “stumble” if it does not pay attention to data inventory, as having an accurate inventory is critical in security control. If cybersecurity professionals do not know what data they have, where it exists, and who has access to it, they are never going to be successful.
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Chris Hughes is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focusing on Cybersecurity. Chris currently serves as the Co-Founder and CISO of Aquia. Chris has nearly 20 years of IT/Cybersecurity experience. This ranges from active duty time with the U.S. Air Force, a Civil Servant with the U.S. Navy and General Services Administration (GSA)/FedRAMP as well as time as a consultant in the private sector. In addition, he also is an Adjunct Professor for M.S. Cybersecurity programs at Capitol Technology University and University of Maryland Global Campus. Chris also participates in industry Working Groups such as the Cloud Security Alliances Incident Response Working Group and serves as the Membership Chair for Cloud Security Alliance D.C. Chris also co-hosts the Resilient Cyber Podcast. Chris holds various industry certifications such as the CISSP/CCSP from ISC2 as holding both the AWS and Azure security certifications. He regularly consults with IT and Cybersecurity leaders from various industries to assist their organizations with their Cloud migration journeys while keeping Security a core component of that transformation.
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