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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022 / Canadian cybersecurity firm White Tuque is a company you will be seeing plenty of at SecTor 2022. Canada’s largest IT security conference is taking place this week at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, featuring White Tuque in the Start-Up & Education area.
SecTor attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers and other professionals in information and cybersecurity, sharing research and new innovations at the expo. White Tuque’s VP of Infrastructure and Co-Managed Services, Mitchell Dollin, is among the thought leaders speaking at SecTor. Dollin has spent his career focused on vulnerability management (VM) programs and risk mitigation and is excited to explain his perspectives on improving and optimizing the efficiency of VM programs with his talk “Vulnerability Management: Try Fixing Less to Reduce More Risk.”
“The principles of risk-based vulnerability management go a long way to reduce the strain of IT and security teams when attempting to manage risk,” Dollin said. “Rather than focusing solely on the impact of a potential vulnerability, we should instead shift most of the focus onto the likelihood of exploitation. In short, 15% of the vulns pose 90% of the risk, so let’s fix those first.”
He continues, “This is not a tool problem but rather an issue with the industry, with security teams and MSSPs not adapting the way they have delivered VM programs for the last 20 years.”
As part of the talk, White Tuque will release its VM program material, usually reserved for Managed Services clients. “We believe the Managed Services in this space are not required – as long as the tool and program are implemented correctly. Our shift to co-managed solutions to support our clients, and releasing of our documentation, is our attempt to steer the security community – as a whole – towards adopting proper risk-based vulnerability management without a massive paywall.”
Robert D. Stewart, Founder and CEO at White Tuque, is excited to see the reaction to Dollin’s upcoming talk and the release of the VM program materials. “If people walk away from SecTor this year with one thing, I want them to see that White Tuque is a different kind of firm; we’re built differently and that is a good thing,” Stewart said. “Not many young companies would give away an asset they developed over a period of months for free just because it is the right thing to do. But not many start-ups have a leader like Mitch Dollin in their ranks who can see the bigger picture and is able to execute that vision.”
Listen to Mitchell Dollin’s talk “Vulnerability Management: Try Fixing Less to Reduce More Risk” at SecTor 2022 on Thursday, October 6 at 2:45 pm.
About White Tuque
White Tuque’s mission is to give companies a trusted partner and a framework of best practices for cyber defence. We are a boutique team with expertise in cyber risk, cyber protection, and intelligence.
Partnership with White Tuque gives all companies access to a battle-tested and crisis-proven team of Canada’s leading cyber-security experts. We make this level of protection affordable by condensing simple and repeatable tactics into a digestible and scalable format for all organizations. These tactics are the backbone of what protects businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. At White Tuque our mandate is to make these available to organizations of all sizes.
To learn more about White Tuque’s services you can reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our website at https://WhiteTuque.com/.
About SecTor 2022
SecTor is Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference. The annual event where IT Security professionals gather to learn from and network with the world’s most innovative, intellectual, exciting and entertaining security professionals. SecTor is IT security training at its best.
SecTor 2022 will feature Keynotes from the IT industry’s most respected and trusted experts and Speakers who are true security professionals with depth of understanding on topics that matter. SecTor is a must-attend event for every IT Professional. To learn more about SecTor and to register, visit https://sector.ca.
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