Villain – Windows And Linux Backdoor Generator And Multi-Session Handler That Allows Users To Connect With Sibling Servers And Share Their Backdoor Sessions

Villain is a Windows & Linux backdoor generator and multi-session handler that allows users to connect with sibling servers (other machines running Villain) and share their backdoor sessions, handy for working as a team.

Disclaimer: Running the payloads generated by this tool against hosts that you do not have explicit permission to test is illegal. You are responsible for any trouble you may cause by using this tool.

You should run as root:

Pull requests are generally welcome. Please, keep in mind: I am constantly working on new offsec tools as well as maintaining several existing ones. I rarely accept pull requests because I either have a plan for the course of a project or I evaluate that it would be hard to test and/or maintain the foreign code. It doesn’t have to do with how good or bad is an idea, it’s just too much work and also, I am kind of developing all these tools to learn myself.

There are parts of this project that were removed before publishing because I considered them to be buggy or hard to maintain (at this early stage). If you have an idea for an addition that comes with a significant chunk of code, I suggest you first contact me to discuss if there’s something similar already in the making, before making a PR.



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