UNITED KINGDOM : Ex-British govt security chief Fortescue bursts onto cyber security scene in London – Intelligence Online

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Appointments, financial results, new contracts: each week, we report on developments big and small in the global corporate intelligence community. This week, we report from Luxembourg, London and Brussels. […]
Private mediation specialists are poised and waiting for Russia and Ukraine to give in to battle fatigue and come to the negotiating table. […]
Faced with a booming and rapidly consolidating investigations market, corporate intelligence companies are trying to steer a course through uncharted waters. […]
The US Department of State’s US-Paris Tech Challenge is as much about finding new tech to counter disinformation as it is about reasserting its leadership amid an ongoing rift with France. […]
Catherine Ashton, the former European Union High Representative for Foreign […]
The United States is hoping to set up a “special oversight committee”, itself managed by a private auditing firm, to control the transfer of revenues from the National Oil Corp to Libya’s state institutions. At stake is a drop in production sparked by the political row over such transfers. […]Intelligence Online uses cookies to provide reliable and secure features, measure and analyse website traffic and provide support to the website users.

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