Türkiye develops own system for cyber security of power plants – Hurriyet Daily News

Türkiye’s State Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ) has commissioned its own software for cyber security at power plants.
EÜAŞ General Manager İzzet Alagöz said that the software designed to manage power plants developed by EÜAŞ under the name “EÜAŞ Automation Systems” is a digital control platform.
“We have proven the platform’s competence by using it in our own power plants,” he added.
“We are currently practicing the system at the 17th power plant. Instead of buying a protection system against cyberattacks, we developed a control system in which all codes, hardware, software and everything belong to us.”
Alagöz stated that they had developed a system that can stop cyberattacks, adding that Türkiye was one of the five countries that were able to do so.
“EÜAŞ Automation Systems, where we use the world’s fastest microprocessor and can perform the fastest failure analysis, is a control system that only four countries in the world have, and we have become fifth following the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Japan,” Alagöz told a group of journalists at the 12th Türkiye Energy Summit.
He noted that developing its own cyberattack defense system ensured Türkiye that it had no back-door access.
“The systems purchased provide a shield of protection against cyberattacks, but no protection against the system builder,” Alagöz said.
“You cannot protect the system against the person who installed it, he has the keys. In order to operate a system without backdoors, we have to install it ourselves. In this aspect, EÜAŞ Automation System is Türkiye’s most secure control system. We are the ones who developed and installed it, it has no back doors.”
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