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Today at Cisco Live Melbourne has announced it aims to train 6.7 million people in Asia-Pacific in digital and cybersecurity skills over the next 10 years. The skills will be imparted through its Cisco Networking Academy.
The number of people to be trained in the Asia-Pacific region are part of Cisco’s aim to train 25 million students worldwide over the next 10 years through the Networking Academy, flagship program that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
The speed of technology innovation, and its scale of its adoption, has accelerated immensely in recent years. Technology is deeply now ingrained in how we live, work, and interact with one another. This has enabled many digital-first experiences and opened new areas of growth. At the same time, it has also resulted in growing demand for digitally skilled talent at almost every level of organizations across Asia-Pacific, echoing a trend seen across the world.
According to a report by the World Economic Forum, advances in technology and automation will create 97 million new jobs globally by 2025.  Cisco aspires to help millions of people around the world to access those jobs by empowering the workforce of the future with educational and career-oriented opportunities through Networking Academy. 
“Digital transformation and technology adoption are transforming economies across the globe. For countries and businesses to fully harness the opportunities that are being created, they need a workforce with adequate skills. As such, building a local pool of next-generation talent is critical to long-term social inclusion and economic resilience,” said Guy Diedrich, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Cisco.
“To achieve this, it takes an entire ecosystem working together in lockstep. At Cisco, we are proud of the role that we have been playing with our unmatched network of partners. Through Cisco Networking Academy we have helped transform the lives of 17.5 million students over the past 25 years by leveraging the power of education and technology. Through our courses, learning paths, network of employers, and partnerships with government, academic, and industry leaders, we are not only helping train the workforce of the future, but also empowering the most disadvantaged and underrepresented to level the playing field,” he added.

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