The way to defend your internet site in opposition to hacks?


 👨‍💻the way to defend your internet site in opposition to hacks?🗳

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        Nowadays hacking became the most popular and dangerous and there are many attacks are performed illegally on the organization and the competitors are defending their victims online causing their property damage in an illegal way .and they are targeting their online properties. like website 

          And they are damaging it by some common online attacks and they are some listed below 

and stay safe and hire a professional person to rectify it by a professional person and meanwhile, you need to perform vulnerability assessment and save your site from online attacks 

       an organization can undertake the subsequent coverage to defend itself from internet server attacks.

How To Hack Any Website , Hack Google , Sql Injection ,Ddos,Cookie ,Xss,Defacement ,Ids, Ips, Honeypots,

🌀sq. Injection– sanitizing and validating person parameters before submitting them to the database for processing can aid reduce the chances of been attacked via sq. Injection. Database engines which consist of ms rectangular server, MySQL, etc. Assist parameters and prepared statements. They’re an awesome deal safer than traditional rectangular statements

🌀denial of service attack – firewalls can be used to drop web page traffic from a suspicious ip cope with if the assault is convenient to do. The right configuration of networks and intrusion detection structures can additionally aid reduce the possibilities of a dos assault been a success.

🌀cross-website scripting – validating and sanitizing headers, parameters exceeded through the url, shape parameters and hidden values can assist minimize xss attacks.

🌀cookie/session poisoning– this will be avoided with the aid of the capability of encrypting the contents of the cookies, timing out the cookies after some time, associating the cookies with the purchaser IP deal that grew to become used to create them.

🌀form tempering – this can be averted by the capacity of validating and verifying the purchaser enter earlier than processing it.

🌀code injection – this may additionally be averted by the potential of treating all parameters as data as an alternative to executable code. Sanitization and validation can be used to enforce this.

🌀defacement – a proper net software program improvement protection coverage needs to make positive that it seals the normally used vulnerabilities to get admission to the webserver. This will be an applicable configuration of the working machine, web server software program program, and fine safety practices when developing internet packages. 

And install some IDs, Ips, and Honeypots on your website server computer guys 

IPS is nothing but an intrusion prevention system it is software that prevents online-based attacks and online-based scans and it reports to the admin and it will directly block and prevent the make sure you install it ……….


an intrusion Detection system is a special program that detects the attacks and reports to the admins and it will give us countermeasures on it how to prevent the attack…

it may be scans or DNS hijacking or DOS attacks, or Nmap scans.

so install it on the server computer to prevent the online-based attacks

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