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What Happened?
The FBI recently issued an industry notification around unpatched and outdated devices, warning the public that cyber criminals are increasingly targeting internet-connected devices for the purpose ofexploiting their vulnerabilities
The FBI discovered multiple vulnerabilities, specifically in medical devices, through devices that run outdated software and devices lacking sufficient security features.
According to FBI documentation, “these vulnerabilities negatively impact organization’s operational functions, overall safety, data confidentiality, and data integrity. In Medical, device vulnerabilities are inherent to the device itself, originating from device hardware design and device software management. Routine challenges include the use of standardized configurations, specialized configurations, including a substantial number of managed devices on the network, lack of device embedded security features, and the inability to upgrade those features.”1
Is There a Real Threat to Businesses?
The quick answer is “YES”. Every device that connects to the network through the Internet increases the cyber-attack surface. Protecting IoT devices against vulnerabilities (like that of which the FBI warns) is not a simple task, and there are various reasons for these difficulties. Here are a few reasons why this technology poses a greater security risk:
The cost of a cyber criminal exploiting these vulnerabilities leaves a huge impact, both in the areas of financial loss and safety for employees, customers, patients, etc. According to a recent study by Ponemon, systems are paying $250,000 to $500,000 in any single ransomware attack on average2. This number does not include fees lost to exposing patient information.
How Can Check Point Help with the FBI Recommendations?
Managing the sheer number and variety of IoT devices can be overwhelming. And of course, your organization is probably using a wide range of those devices, from IP cameras and smart TVs to MRI machines and infusion pumps (if in healthcare).
The FBI released recommendations to consider while attempting to secure against these vulnerabilities. In this section, I will outline how Check Point is positioned to help mitigate these risks.
If you would like more information, head over to the hyperlinks included in the section above and/or reach out to us now.



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