Stegowiper – A Powerful And Flexible Tool To Apply Active Attacks For Disrupting Stegomalware

For this reason, we have created stegoWiper, a tool to blindly disrupt any image-based stegomalware, by attacking the weakest point of all steganography algorithms: their robustness. We have checked that it is capable of disrupting all steganography techniques and tools (Invoke-PSImage, F5, Steghide, openstego, …) employed nowadays, as well as the most advanced algorithms available in the academic literature, based on matrix encryption, wet-papers, etc. (e.g. Hill, J-Uniward, Hugo). In fact, the more sophisticated a steganography technique is, the more disruption stegoWiper produces.

stegoWiper removes all metadata comments from the input file, and also adds some imperceptible noise to the image (it doesn’t matter if it really includes a hidden payload or not). If the image does contain a steganographic payload, this random noise alters it, so if you try to extract it, it will either fail or be corrupted, so steganomalware fails to execute.

This project has been developed by Dr. Alfonso Muñoz and Dr. Manuel Urueña The code is released under the GNU General Public License v3.



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