SQLiDetector – Helps You To Detect SQL Injection "Error Based" By Sending Multiple Requests With 14 Payloads And Checking For 152 Regex Patterns For Different Databases

Simple python script supported with BurpBouty profile that helps you to detect SQL injection “Error based” by sending multiple requests with 14 payloads and checking for 152 regex patterns for different databases.

It’s very simple, just organize your steps as follows

The final schema of URLs that you will pass to the tool must be like this one

Just run the following command to install the required libraries.

To run the tool itself.

I’ve created a burpbounty profile that uses the same payloads add injecting them at multiple positions like

If you want to contribute, feel free to do that. You’re welcome 🙂

Thanks to Mohamed El-Khayat and Orwa for the amazing paylaods and ideas. Follow them and you will learn more



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