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Cybersecurity best practices and policies should be followed by everyone within an organisation, not just the leadership team. Corey Nachreiner, CSO at WatchGuard, offers his top tips for building the most effective and resilient cybersecurity culture that ensures employees can adopt your mission.
Effective cybersecurity often boils down to doing the basics: patching, updating, not clicking suspicious links or attachments and following other day-to-day best practices for using applications and systems. However, sometimes this knowledge only stays within the network admin/cybersecurity teams and fails to make it to ‘regular employees’, creating a company culture that’s susceptible to attack rather than a culture of accountability. Below, I’ll discuss seven tips for building a culture of cybersecurity accountability throughout all levels of an organisation.
Now more than ever companies in all industries and of all sizes must adopt cybersecurity policy. One of the best and most effective ways to do that is by curating a healthy organisation-wide cybersecurity culture, and the list doesn’t stop with the above. Additional tips and tactics include making your security mission personal to employees, helping your organisation understand cybersecurity is a team sport and appointing someone who owns accountability for the programme to drive it. However, starting with the five key tips discussed here will help you start building out a cybersecurity culture that will stick within all levels of your organisation.
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