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SecurityGen, the global provider of security solutions and services for the telecoms industry, announced the launch of its new 5G Cyber-security Lab. 
This Lab is an innovative solution designed to help MNO security teams study and understand 5G networks, thus enabling them to prepare and protect their networks against potential security threats.
The 5G Cyber-security Lab is a compact simulation of a 5G environment, with all the significant pieces of 5G within it enabling security teams to study telecom technologies in detail and explore the environment safely. 

Commenting on the launch, SecurityGen co-founder and CTO Dmitry Kurbatov said, “The thinking behind the 5G Cyber-security lab is based on a simple logic – to accomplish something new, you must properly understand the subject. This applies to 5G networks as well.”
“With our deep expertise in telecoms security, we have designed this Lab to be focused on providing MNO security teams with a simple, cost-effective, and security-centric environment that is the perfect set-up for them to test, understand, and better prepare and protect their networks against the security threats associated with 5G,” he explained.
“Coming straight from our R&D team, which has been using this simulated environment to study the 5G security context, our new Lab is uniquely targeted at the security teams within the network operator groups. Now with the 5G Cyber-security Lab, The new lab helps them define a list of security requirements and enables them to prove and test efficient ways to protect the network against potential threats.
“We started with the idea of building sort of a ‘gym’ where MNO security teams could practice and perfect their 5G game. Our new lab is the ideal environment for operators to ensure a secure and successful transition from their legacy networks to 5G,” concluded Kurbatov.

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