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Singapore’s Law Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam has stressed the close cooperation between his country and Saudi Arabia in several areas, including cyber security, information security and information technology.
Shanmugam further revealed that there are ongoing efforts to broker a new cooperation deal between Singapore and the Kingdom. He also mentioned a joint plan that targets improving the existing cooperation between the two countries.
“My discussions in Riyadh focused on counter-terrorism, cyber security, and areas of cooperation where we share information. General intelligence departments in the two countries share good cooperation. We are close and we want to work more closely together,” Shanmugam told Asharq Al-Awsat.
The minister also pointed out that Saudi Arabia has made great achievements in the field of combating terrorism.
“We do not forget that Saudi Arabia has been the target of terrorist attacks for a long time, yet it was able to enhance security and reduce crime to its lowest levels,” said Shanmugam.
“Saudi Arabia is found to be one of the most secure countries in addition to its success in dealing with various issues in the region,” he affirmed.
On his impression of the transformation in Saudi Arabia under Vision 2030, launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Shanmugam said: “Five years have passed since the last time I came to Riyadh in November 2017, I find the changes very wonderful and amazing. Vision 2030 is to create a modern state that is economically successful.”
As for collaboration in the fields of information technology, artificial intelligence, and digitalization, Shanmugam asserted that it is crucial for the modern economy.
“Talking about the relationship and cooperation between Singapore and Saudi Arabia, it is imperative to consider that the important resources that the Saudi Vision 2030 possesses are not only oil,” said Shanmugam.
“If you look at the geographical location of Saudi Arabia with its coasts and other resources, it becomes apparent that logistics will become an important sector,” he added.
“The ports, airports, shipping, supply chain, internet and everything related to information technology will be very important, because of the high degree of digitization, which will be necessary for the modern economy,” noted the minister.

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