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Quick Heal, a leading global cybersecurity solutions provider, today, revealed an all-new version 23 powered by GoDeep.AI, a malware hunting technology at its core reinventing its tech stack for creating future-proof solutions. This version is thoughtfully designed to be smart, secure, and sustainable echoing company’s goal towards environment conservation and to make ‘cyber safety a fundamental right for all’.
Quick Heal version 23 is smarter with GoDeep.AI. This state-of-the-art technology not only monitors the systems to identify cyber-attacks and analyze the severity of the threat, but also blocks such threats through a combination of deep learning, behavioral analysis and predictive analytics. This results in significantly reduced time taken to detect threats, making the version 23 more secure with advanced threat detection features including anti-ransomware protection, real-time engine scan, anti-tracker, and data breach alert.
Commenting on the launch, Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal, said, “The post-pandemic world has witnessed an unprecedented increase in cyberattacks, these threats have become so advanced that basic operating system protection or a free antivirus cannot stop them. Therefore, we at Quick Heal have proactively innovated, re-engineered and designed version 23, a cybersecurity solution integrated with GoDeep.AI, a self-aware malware hunting technology at its core. We are confident that a smart, secure, and environmentally sustainable solution like version 23 will #SecureYourPeace by ensuring digital safety at all end points while doing good to the environment with a marked reduction in carbon footprint.”
Driven by its focus on ESG and commitment towards creating a sustainable future, the Quick Heal version 23 comes CD-less, thus eliminating a lot of e-waste thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint. The company has minimized the paper inside the box and reduced the product’s box packaging size by almost 38% with a conscious view of less paper use and less fuel consumption during the transportation. The packaging is now plastic-free and uses a material that is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.
All existing users of Quick Heal who have a valid active subscription can download the new upgrade free of cost by visiting the Quick Heal website. New customers can get the latest version when they purchase it from Quick Heal’s website, E-commerce stores or 35000+ partner stores across the country.

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