PowerHuntShares – Audit Script Designed In Inventory, Analyze, And Report Excessive Privileges Configured On Active Directory Domains

It supports functionality to:

Excessive SMB share ACLs are a systemic problem and an attack surface that all organizations struggle with. The goal of this project is to provide a proof concept that will work towards building a better share collection and data insight engine that can help inform and priorititize remediation efforts.

Bonus Features:

PowerHuntShares will inventory SMB share ACLs configured with “excessive privileges” and highlight “high risk” ACLs. Below is how those are defined in this context.

Excessive Privileges
Excessive read and write share permissions have been defined as any network share ACL containing an explicit ACE (Access Control Entry) for the “Everyone”, “Authenticated Users”, “BUILTINUsers”, “Domain Users”, or “Domain Computers” groups. All provide domain users access to the affected shares due to privilege inheritance issues. Note there is a parameter that allow operators to add their own target groups.
Below is some additional background:

Please Note: Share permissions can be overruled by NTFS permissions. Also, be aware that testing excluded share names containing the following keywords:

Below is a list of commands that can be used to load PowerHuntShares into your current PowerShell session. Please note that one of these will have to be run each time you run PowerShell is run. It is not persistent.

Important Note: All commands should be run as an unprivileged domain user.

Scott Sutherland (@_nullbind)

Open-Source Code Used
These individuals wrote open source code that was used as part of this project. A big thank you goes out them and their work!

BSD 3-Clause

Pending Fixes/Bugs

Pending Features



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