NMU’S cybersecurity institute and MIHCC host 2nd annual Yoopercon event – WLUC

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – According to fortune.com, the cybersecurity industry has been growing since 2017. On Thursday, the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute and the Michigan Health Care Cybersecurity Council hosted Yoopercon at NMU.
The main goal is to show high school students what cyber professionals do. This event also had multiple hands-on activities for students.
“We’ve got nine activities; each student will go through four activities while they’re here today. We’ve got them ranging from cyber auto to password cracking, cryptography, AI, lock picking and one of the new ones was a stock analysis,” said NMU Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute Director Doug Miller.
This is also only Yoopercon’s second year hosting this event. Miller also said there are an endless number of jobs that a person can enter after obtaining a cybersecurity degree.
“You can work cyber security in law enforcement, and criminal justice, you can work cyber security inside the D.O.D. and in the federal workplace,” said Miller. “You can be a security operation analyst, there is just a lot. It’s almost like saying what kind of engineer do you want to be, I mean there’s just a lot out there.”
NMU cybersecurity students were also present to help. There was a total of 300 students from 15 different U.P. schools. Westwood High School Sophomore Ian Kauppila expressed why he came.
“I’ve been interested in computers for my entire life, but I never really understood what went behind all the programs and how they were defended from any sort of authorized visitors that want to see your data,” said Kauppila.
The end goal for this event is cybersecurity awareness.
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