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Everybody should have some measure of concern about cybersecurity today. So whether you’re worried about your own connection or you want to help out a family member or friend, right now is a great time to invest in the Deeper Connect Pico, a decentralized VPN and cybersecurity hardware. And now’s your last chance to order and have it arrive by Christmas with free shipping.
Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the Pico is the world’s thinnest and lightest cybersecurity hardware device. The decentralized private network gives you a fully decentralized VPN experience (DPN) with multi-routing, smart routing, and unrestricted access to content worldwide without throttling your bandwidth or threatening your security. It’s plug-and-play, so minimal configuration is required to protect your devices.
In addition to the DPN, it also offers a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall and elite ad blocking to improve your browsing experience and block malware all over the web. There are even one-click parental controls so you can feel better about what your kids are doing online.
Invest in your personal cybersecurity. During our Last Chance event, if you purchase the Deeper Connect Pico for $199.99 by December 8, it’ll be under your tree just in time for the holidays.
Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN & Cybersecurity Hardware + Wi-Fi Adapter – $199.99
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