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ectacom, the German Business Development Distributor for IT and security solutions, is expanding its OT (Operational Technology) security portfolio for the industrial and manufacturing sectors with NanoLock’s zero trust, device-level protection. 
NanoLock is protecting the operational integrity of manufacturing, energy, water and manufacturing companies with its device-level cyber defense that uniquely prevents insider and supply chain cyber events and even human errors in addition to outsider cyber-attacks.
With the ongoing OT/IT convergence and the increasing dependency on IIoT (Industrial IoT) devices, OT environments are no longer safe. Edge devices and OT systems, such as industrial control systems (ICS), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are increasingly under attack, jeopardizing production, security of supply, safety and revenues.

NanoLock’s zero trust, device-level protection for OT environments and edge devices prevents cyber events from internal, trusted sources (insiders, supply chain and even human errors) as well as from outside events (outsiders). Trusted by critical infrastructure customers, NanoLock Security protects power generation and energy management, water and wastewater plants as well as manufacturing, while ensuring compliance with international security standards and guidelines.
ectacom extends NanoLock operations into DACH and Poland to protect the operational integrity of manufacturing, industrial and energy companies, while enriching threat intelligence platforms with device-level forensic data and connecting cyber security teams to operational routines.
Tomé Spasov, Managing Partner at ectacom
With cybersecurity threats to OT environment on the rise, we are excited to collaborate with NanoLock, one of the leading providers for zero trust device-level solutions. NanoLock will help us to complete ectacom OT SOC Strategy. This partnership will definitely expand ectacom’s OT security solutions and will assist in protecting operational integrity of OT environments and critical edge devices.
David Stroud, NanoLock’s Chief Revenue Officer
We see an urgent need for zero trust, device-level protection in critical infrastructure sectors. We are thrilled to cooperate with ectacom to protect industrial and manufacturing companies in Germany and throughout Europe.

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