Meet Your Michigan Medicine Mvps – Michigan Medicine Headlines

Meet your Michigan Medicine MVPs – Michigan Medicine Headlines

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Key takeaways:
A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate the superstars in your area and name them Michigan Medicine MVPs. And, like most winning teams, it’s clear that the organization gets standout performances from all areas of the team.
Whether you impact patient care, education, research or shared services; whether you work on the main medical campus, at off-site locations or at home — you go above and beyond to help Michigan Medicine advance health to serve Michigan and the world.
Congratulations to the following individual nominees, who were randomly selected to win a fantastic prize! Winners should expect to be contacted by a Human Resources representative later this week.
All other nominees and team winners are listed at the bottom of the story.
Individual winners
LaShawn LaFleur, ambulatory care manager, Taubman Neurology
What can I say about a boss who places herself on the same level as her subordinates when it comes to teamwork? She’s always fair, professional, helpful and a good listener. LaShawn can have a thousand emails she has to address, but when her team is drowning or something is wrong, she will put work to the side and make sure we are ok. The first words out of her mouth are ‘what can I do to help lighten the load?’ Thank you to the best boss in the world!
Alexis Snyder, pathologist assistant, necropsy suite
Alexis is an outstanding member of our autopsy service. She trains new residents from the ground up, offering her expertise on hands-on aspects and superb written feedback on reports. We are lucky that she is a part of the Michigan Medicine team and strongly believe she is the real MVP!
Mallory Newsted, clinical research coordinator, cardiology
Mallory is an exceptional colleague and study team lead. She ensures our team is organized, well-prepared and knowledgeable in the ethical and scientific conduct of clinical research. Her work ethic knows no bounds! Mallory makes sure that all of our patients remain our highest priority. I am proud to call her a colleague and honored to work alongside her.
Dionne Boettcher, psych care and nurse aide
Dionne stood out by giving our patient a haircut and beard trim and giving his skin a good clean and lotion. Our patient looked like an entirely different person and you could tell someone giving him the personal attention to make him feel good was making such a difference in his recovery. We need more people like Dionne who help improve our patient’s overall health!
Shantosh Patel, app system analyst/programmer
In every circumstance, Shantosh puts our customers and systems first; handles coverage of staff out of the office while managing his own workload; assists and engages in positive, healthy debate regarding the pros/cons of solutions, vendors and systems; acts as a walking encyclopedia for tech facts/options/aspects of systems; and helps others understand everything. And all the while, Shantosh is the most positive, cheerful, uplifting voice on the team. Thank you, Shantosh!
Timothy Reynolds, M.D., assistant professor of anesthesiology
An MVP is a star player who also raises the team’s performance, and Dr. Tim Reynolds is definitely a clinical “MVP.”  He is one of the most helpful colleagues during critical moments in the operating room. This week alone, he obtained an IV and a critical airway where others had failed. His humility and clear thinking during critical moments is phenomenal and he is the consummate team player.
Abby Weiler, nurse practitioner, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza
Abby Weiler is the MVP at West Ann Arbor. She is the reliable “go-to” person who fields any and all appointments from orthopaedics to “urgent” care. Patients consistently claim they “prefer Abby” given her professional competency and friendliness. Thank you, Abby!
Janelle Burleigh, administrative assistant, Department of Learning Health Sciences
On a regular basis, Janelle:
You can always count on her to be there and get things done. Beyond her exceptional everyday performance, she often volunteers to take on work when someone is out or to fill in gaps. And she does this humbly and without fanfare. Thanks, Janelle!
Lamia Marouf, IT project senior manager
Lamia consistently delivers the best experience for her customers. In the past year, she has led multiple institutional drivers. These projects have significantly improved the overall patient care for Michigan Medicine and U-M Health West. She works tirelessly to meet the deadlines and she is extremely skilled on who and when to engage different stakeholders. She is respectful, courteous and energetic. Thank you, Lamia!
Susanne Pryce, compliance director
Susanne always goes the extra 15 miles! She is willing to help everyone and always takes on the hard tasks. People from all areas of U-M Health rely on her to assist them with questions and concerns. She is a trusted, reliable and friendly person who strongly believes in building a culture of integrity and shared values. U-M Health is lucky to have Susanne on their team!
Team winners:
Brenda Keele and Diane Bellomo, Canton Health Center radiology
Thank you, Brenda and Diane! You suggested an innovative idea to rearrange the Canton radiology lobby chairs in order to provide a smoother check-in process for patients. Moving one row of chairs also created more space for patients with ambulatory challenges and decreased the incidence of overhearing other patients’ PHI. I appreciate your creative thinking and process improvement to enhance the patient experience!
Administrative specialists, Department of Communication (Christy Barnes, Asia Battle, Tracy McLean, Amy VanBrussel)
The administrative specialist team in the Department of Communication is deserving of the MVP Award!  The team consistently excels in delivering strategic, value-added work for the department that contributes to its overall success and stellar reputation. Individually, each member has built a set of core competencies and an area of expertise while also remaining focused on ensuring team success. It is an absolute privilege to see them grow as leaders.
Other nominees:
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