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forecast 23 report coverDefenders must always be ready for the unexpected—everything from chasing down an alert to containing a compromise. In the cyber security realm, it’s impossible to predict what we will experience day after day. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot be ready for the threats that matter most. Organizations can always improve their preparedness and readiness, and part of that involves exploring the trends we are starting to see now so we are ready for them in the year ahead.
To help us clear up some of the fog surrounding 2023, we turned to Mandiant leaders and experts. We already heard from Mandiant leaders Sandra Joyce, Head of Global Intelligence, and Charles Carmakal, Consulting CTO, on what they are expecting as we move into the new year.
Sandra and Charles have even more to share in our report, Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023, which includes feedback from several other Mandiant experts across our intelligence, consulting, and other functions, as well as Phil Venables, CISO for Google Cloud.
Read the report today to learn about what we expect to see in 2023, including:
A big part of any cyber security program is knowledge, and we hope the insights shared in this report will help organizations be ready for the threats and other cyber trends that may affect them in 2023.
Download the Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023 today.
For even more on 2023, be sure to register now for our webinar scheduled for Nov. 30, where Mandiant threat expert Andrew Kopcienski will be diving deeper on many of the topics discussed in the report. We will also be talking about 2023 in an upcoming episode of The Defender’s Advantage Podcast, so keep checking in for new episodes.

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