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New Delhi: The Computer Science engineering course is getting a new syllabus . It is learned that two new courses related to Machine Learning and Cyber Security and micro specialisations would be newly introduced in the syllabus that is prepared for the engineering colleges, except the Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology in the country. The expert panel is likely to publish the final draft within a few weeks.
Meanwhile, the structure of the course would be renewed after understanding the requirements of the companies.
Subjects like Theory of Computing and Compiler Design would be scrapped. In the new syllabi, there would be ten core subjects. Meanwhile, up to 5 – 6 learning outcomes for each core subject would be separately decided.
Besides academic experts, representatives of IT giants like TCS, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM and a representative of NASSCOM, the trade body of the tech industry too are part of the expert committee. 
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