how to donate money anonymously ?



How to anonymously donate to Ram Mandir?

Guys YOu all worried about the anonymous transaction you can do it. With the bitcoins because Bitcoins had no transaction Ids and  It has powerful security and You can transfer money through any person in the world anonymously. You can buy Bitcoins from 3rd party vendors in India.

How To Anonymously Donate To Ram Mandir?

🗃all you desire to realize about bitcoin 🗳


✳️ what’s bitcoin?

🔹 bitcoin is simply overseas money/money like ur very own usa’s forex. It is no longer liquid cash alternatively more like digital cash can be accessed/transferred online. This is generally referred to as cryptocurrency which is created in 2009. Marketplaces referred to as “bitcoin exchanges” allow people to purchase or promote bitcoins through the use of specific currencies. Now there are many wallets providing buying and selling offerings.

✳️ creation

🔹 bitcoin is a company with new overseas cash that grows to be created in 2009 with the resource of an unknown man or lady the use of the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

🔹 transactions are made except a center guys – which means, no banks! Bitcoin may additionally be used to e-book accommodations, shop for fixtures, buy Xbox video games and the place ever it is a ways normal. However, an appropriate deal of the hype is about getting rich through the ability to shop for and promoting it. The rate of bitcoin skyrocketed into the thousands ($) in 2013 Nov. And FYI, the fee of 1 bitcoin currently is 27720 $.🤩

✳️ why bitcoin?

🔹 bitcoins may additionally be used to keep merchandise anonymous. Further, international repayments are effortless and cheap due to the reality bitcoins don’t seem to be tied to any u.s.a. or difficulty to regulation. Small companies may additionally like them due to the fact there are no deposit rating card charges. A few human beings actually buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they’ll go up in fee.

✳️ buying for bitcoins

🔹 many marketplaces permit human beings to save for or promote bitcoins the use of special currencies. Coinbase is a predominant change, in conjunction with bitstamp and bitfinex. But protection might also be a subject: bitcoins really worth tens of hundreds and lots of bucks had been stolen from bitfinex when it grew to be hacked in 2016. So select out the greater one by means of the ability to do researches online.

✳️ bitcoin wallet

🔹 bitcoins are saved in “digital pockets,” which exist both inside the cloud or on a person’s pc. The pockets are a kind of digital monetary group account that allows clients to ship or get maintain of bitcoins, pay for items or save their money.

✳️ transfers

🔹 people can ship bitcoins to every different the utilization of cell apps or their laptop structures via wallets. It’s comparable to sending cash digitally.

✳️ mining bitcoins

🔹 human beings compete to “mine” bitcoins with the utilization of laptop structures to clear up complex math puzzles. This is how bitcoins are created. Presently, a winner has rewarded with 12. 5 bitcoins roughly every 10 minutes.

✳️ the anonymity of bitcoin

🔹 even though every bitcoin transaction is recorded in a public log, names of buyers and retailers are in no way found – handiest their pockets ids. While that maintains bitcoin customers’ transactions private, it moreover permits them to purchase or promote something without besides situation tracing it once more to them. That’s why it has developed to be the foreign exchange of desire for human beings online shopping for capsules or different illegal activities. 

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how to donate money anonymously ?.


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