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Dan Lohrmann
Two years ago, as we were heading into the first holiday season in a century amid a global pandemic, everything about shopping changed. At that time, I wrote a blog that proclaimed, “COVID-19 Turning Black Friday into ‘Cyber November.’” Here’s an excerpt from the way we were:
Refinery29 wrote as back in March that everyone wants to hang out back at the malls again. Why? “There’s also a nostalgia factor at play here. We’re all yearning for a simpler time when the biggest decision facing us on a Saturday afternoon was: Should I get this crewneck in blue or purple, instead of: Should I get the Pfizer or Moderna booster?”
1. Be Cautious
2. Use Reputable Websites/Companies
3. Stop, Look, Check, Pay
4. Check Delivery Times
5. Check the Box
6. Check Your Bank Account
Lohrmann on Cybersecurity (, 2019):How to Safely Shop Online This Holiday Season
Lohrmann on Cybersecurity (, 2017): Best Tips for Safe Online Holiday Shopping
CSO Magazine (2008):Cyber Monday Is Here – Again

Dan Lohrmann
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