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Hire A Hacker | Professional skills Online| Hijack  Fb, Instagram, Twitter

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how to hack Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and smartphones by sending an image with various methods. All of these methods  are used to hack social media accounts by using android mobile using Termux  

This is Just for educational purpose if you miss use this hacking skills then we are not responsible for this 


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(1)- Understanding the concept of ip 

(2)- Changing IP address 

(3) – Phishing attack

(4)- Brute force attack 

(5) – SIM cloning 

(6)- Password resetting 

(7)- Creating trojan virus to hack android 

(8)- Binding virus in an image to hack android 


Chapter 1

Part 2

Hire A Hacker Professional Skills Online Hijack Fb, Instagram, Twitter Part -2
Hire A Hacker  Professional skills Online Hijack  Fb, Instagram, Twitter  part -2

Changing IP address

 changing the IP of an operating system is very important for hackers and for the normal public also because people should not be allowed to remain anonymous on the web.



           I don’t like that site need to track how many hours I spend watching YouTube videos or how I do my online banking, especially with every company crumbling under the fingers of information

So there are three methods of changing the IP address and being anonymous.

(1) Proxy chain

(2) Tor browser 

(3) Vpn (a virtual private network) 

(1) Proxy chain

 A proxy chain is a tool that allows you to chain multi-proxy to connect to each other and then wrap your program of choice the connect to the Internet this masks your IP with many layers and can be a good tool when you are trying to be anonymous by the help of proxy chain we can select any country ip address by our choice.

   Steps to change IP with proxy chain tools. 

Step1- first download the proxy chain tool by typing the urn in the URL box                   https://googleweblight.com/i? u=proxychains.sourceforge.net/&hl=enIN&tg=161 or directly type on google download proxy chain too googleweblight you will get. 

Step2- And install this tool and open terminal 

Step3- type command sudo tar -zxvf Now change the directories and configure 

Step4- Type cd && ./configure 

Step5- then type sudo make 

Step6- Install the proxy chain command Sudo make install Now this time to watch a video go to youtube.com and type proxy chain configuration select the video with the same title and watch it



   1. Nano proxy chain.conf

   2. Add proxies to the confirmation files 

   3. Proxy chain curl -s https://checkips.dyndns.org 

Tor browser 

Tor browser is software that protects you by bouncing your communication around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. 

              This software is available on every platform like android,ios, Windows and Linux, and many more and with the help of this software, we can make ourselves more anonymous. 

                            All the attacks of hacking are performed by Kali Linux so we need to learn how to install the tor browser in kali Linux. Just follow the given steps to install in kali Linux os 

Step1- open the browser of your kali Linux os

Step2- go to google.com and type tor browser for kali Linux and download from its  

            official website but remember to download the application according to your os bit.

Step3- now your file is in zip format then extract it 

step4- Open that folder and there you will see a text file name start tor browser open  

             that and type ctrl +f to find so type root on the file search box. 

Step5– There you will see a script written as “id-u “ -eq=0 so just edit the text just 

            change 0 into 1 and save it. 

step6- Now cut every folder and go to the desktop and open a terminal and type cd desktop 

           if your tor browser file is in the desktop otherwise go to that folder where your tor 

      the browser installation file is and type command cd the tor browser file installation         


Step7- You will enter on that file directory so just need to type cd that copies the open tor 

            the browser file name and paste into the terminal after writing cd and press enter 

           the installation will start automatically. 

Browse the Internet without any tension about tracking because the tor browser changes you, Ip, after some time so it is very difficult to find your current location. 

Vpn (virtual private network ) 

Vpn standards for virtual private networks are a secure tunnel between two or more devices…VPNs are used tor protect private web traffic from snooping interference.

          A VPN available from the public Internet can provide some of the benefits of a wide area network. So today we will learn how to use VPN in kali Linux and be more secure and safe. 

we will continuee in next lecture …..

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