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Hire A Hacker |  Hijack  Instagram, Fb, Twitter |Professional capabilities Online

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(1)- Understanding the idea of ip 
(2)- Changing IP cope with 
(3) – Phishing attack
(4)- Brute pressure attack 
(5) – SIM cloning 
(6)- Password resetting 
(7)- Creating trojan virus to hack android 
(8)- Binding virus in a photograph to hack android 
Chapter 1:..
 What is an IP? Type of IP? 
Hire A Hacker | Professional Capabilities Online| Hijack Fb, Instagram, Twitter

Hire A Hacker |  Hijack   Instagram, Fb, Twitter |Professional capabilities Online|

Hire A Hacker | Hijack   Instagram,Fb, Twitter| Professional capabilities Online
Internet protocol:- 
           The Internet Protocol (IP) is the major communications protocol withinside the Internet protocol suite for relaying datagrams throughout community boundaries. 
           Its routing feature allows networking and basically establishes the Internet.
             IP has the venture of handing over packets from the supply host to the vacation spot host completely primarily based totally on the IP addresses withinside the packet headers.
 For this motive, IP defines packet systems that encapsulate the records to be delivered. It additionally defines addressing techniques that can be used to label the datagram with supply and vacation spot information.
Types of IP
 There are 4 varieties of IP cope with
Local IP
Public IP 
Dynamic IP
Static IP 
Local ip – 
      An outside or public IP cope with is used throughout the complete Internet to find laptop structures and gadgets. A neighborhood or inner IP cope with is used interior a non-public community to find the computer systems and gadgets linked to it’s far referred to as neighborhood IP.
          public IP cope with – a public IP cope with that may be accessed over the Internet. Like postal addresses to supply postal mail to your house, a public IP cop with the globally particular ip cope with assigned to a computing tool. Your public IP cope with may be determined at What is my ip Address page.
Dynamic ip-
                         The dynamic IP cope with is an IP cope with this is mechanically assigned to every connection of a community, like your smartphone, computer PC, wi-fi tablet… whatever.
    This mission of IP addresses is accomplished with the aid of using what is known as a DHCP server 
             A DHCP server assigned IP cope with is known as dynamic as it will frequently be unique on destiny connections to the community. 
                        The “contrary” of a dynamic IP cope is known as a static IP cope with (one which becomes configured manually). 
Static ip –
                                 A static IP copes with is an IP cope that becomes manually configured for a tool, as opposed to one which becomes assigned thru a DHCP server. It’s known as static as it does not extrude. It’s the complete opposite of a dynamic IP cope with, which extrude. Routers, phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and other tools that can use an IP cope with may be configured to have a static IP cope with.
                                 This is probably accomplished via the tool giving out IP addresses (just like the router) or with the aid of using manually typing the IP cope with into the tool voice the tool itself. Static IP addresses also are occasionally called constant ip cope with committed ip cope with. 
Why Would You Use a Static IP Address? 
                     Another manner to think about a static IP cope with is to think about something like an e mail cope with, or a bodily domestic cope with. These addresses do not ever extrude – they are static – and it makes contacting or locating a person very easy. 
     Similarly, a static IP cope with is beneficial in case you host an internet site from domestic, have a record server for your community, are usage of networked printers, 
  are forwarding ports to a selected tool, are going for walks a print server, or in case you use a far-flung get right of entry to the program.              
                           Because a static IP copes with by no means modifications, different gadgets usually realize precisely a way to touch a tool that makes use of one. For instance, say you installation a static IP cope with one of the computer systems in your house community.
                     Once the laptop has a selected cope with tied to it, you may install your router to usually ahead.
                 positive inbound requests without delay to that laptop, which include FTP requests if the laptop stocks documents over FTP. 
                               Not the usage of a static IP cope with   (the usage of a dynamic IP that does extrude) might come to be a problem in case you’re web website hosting an internet site, for instance,
          due to the fact with each new IP cope with that the laptop gets, you’ll need to extrude the router settings to ahead requests to that new cope with. 
                             Neglecting to try this might imply no one ought to get on your internet site due to the fact your router has no concept of which tool for your community is the only this is serving the internet site. 
                     Another instance of a static IP cope with paintings is with DNS servers. DNS servers use static IP addresses in order that your tool usually is aware of how to connect with them. If they modified frequently, you’ll need to often reconfigure the DNS servers for your router or laptop to maintain the usage of the net like you are used to.
           Static IP addresses also are beneficial whilst the tool’s area call is inaccessible. Computers that connect with a record server in a workplace’s community, for instance, will be installed to usually connect with the server the usage of the server’s static IP in place of its hostname.  
            Even if the DNS server is malfunctioning, the computer systems ought to nevertheless get right of entry to the record server due to the fact they had be speaking with it without delay via the IP cope with. 
                   With far-flung get right of entry to programs like Windows Remote Desktop, the usage of a static IP cope with the method you may usually get right of entry to that laptop with the equal cope with.  
            Using an IP cope with that modifications will, again, require you to usually realize what it modifications to so you can use that new cope with for the far-flung connection. 
Static vs Dynamic IP Addresses?
             The contrary of a by no means-converting static IP cope with is an ever-converting dynamic IP cope with. Dynamic IP copes with is only an ordinary cope with like a static IP is, however it is now no longer completely tied to any unique tool.
                      they are used for a selected quantity of time after which again to cope with pool in order that different gadgets can use them. This is one purpose that dynamic IP addresses are so beneficial.
                   If an isp had been to apply static IP addresses for all in their customers, that could imply that there’d continuously be a restrained delivery of addresses for brand new customers. Dynamic addresses offer a manner for IP addresses to be reused whilst they are now no longer in use elsewhere, imparting net get right of entry to for lots extra gadgets than what might in any other case be possible. 
                           Static IP addresses restriction downtime. When dynamic addresses gain a brand new IP cope with, any person this is linked to the prevailing one can be kicked off from the relationship and need to wait to discover the brand new cope with web website hosting an internet site,
              a record sharing service, or an internet video game, all of which commonly require continuously energetic connections.
Professional hackers 
                 The public IP cope with assigned to the routers of maximum domestic and enterprise customers is a dynamic IP cope with. Larger corporations typically do now no longer connect with the net thru dynamic IP addresses; instead, they have got static IP addresses assigned to them which do now no longer extrude.
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