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Companies must develop programs to bulk up security and controls related to maintaining the privacy of customer information, and in-house legal teams must prioritize addressing the challenges that the inconsistent regular landscape creates.
August 16, 2022 at 12:18 PM
7 minute read
Digital transformation has come for all organizations; it doesn’t discern between industries, and it doesn’t care if your organization is a fledgling startup or an established multinational corporation. Emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence present unique business needs and challenges. One of the most demanding is the requirements on companies and governments to protect user data and privacy in an ever-changing technological environment.
A 2020 global survey found that two-thirds are more concerned with online privacy than ever, and over 80% believe that their personal information is vulnerable to hackers. These concerns have caught the attention of state legislatures around the country. Many states are passing laws governing how corporations collect and use the customer information gathered in connection with the offering of goods and services on the internet. From state to state, the laws have meaningful variations and inconsistencies, creating a patchwork of regulations that can be challenging for corporations to navigate.
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