Find Password Of a Connected Wi-Fi Network is Possible?


 Find  Password Of a Connected Wi-Fi Network is Possible?

hi, guys in this tut I am going to show you how to find the password of wifi which you have been connected to. In most cases, you people will, unfortunately, you will forget the password of your wifi and in some cases, it is different so let’s see how we can find it ……

                  You’ll be in a position to disable, change, view the password and username of a Wi-Fi Network Through this

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💢How to Do it (Procedure):-

▶️ Download Router Setup Page

▶️ Refresh the app, and click on the area they exhibit

▶️ You’ll be redirected to a website that asks for login credentials

▶️ There is mostly default and common  credentials are User: Admin, Pass: Admin

▶️ If now not working, Search the domain IP in google for Credentials

▶️ Surf thru the website and you’ll and you will discover all the required details

📲 If it is your own personal network, straight away alternate the router web page login important points so that humans who’ve linked to your Wi-Fi might not be capable to access the router web page 

Thank You Guys  

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