Eye on the Y: Cybersecurity student joins the US Cyber Games team, BYU Student Film Association hosted first Spooktacular Festival – The Daily Universe – Universe.byu.edu

Justin Applegate was recently added to the roster of individuals to participate on the US Cyber Games team, a position only granted to 30 people from around the country.
Applegate will travel with the team to European countries and will compete in virtual competitions.
The process of being added to the roster started in middle school when Applegate was first introduced to programming and computer software in middle school. He later joined the Cybersecurity major and had a desire to improve his skills and learn more about the industry. 
“If you’re not a self-motivated learner who will apply themselves and get passionate about it, you’re going to miss out,” Applegate said. “Getting these skills here in college will make a huge difference in getting a good job out of college.”
BYU Student Film Association hosted the first Spooktacular Film and Art Festival on Oct. 29. The event featured screenings of 14 original short films directed, edited, and filmed by students.
SFA started this year with no members, but, as the year went on, members began showing up and helped plan and create the event. Students organized the whole festival from the original idea to the execution.
“This was 100% student film driven, from the original idea to the execution,” Media Arts Program Coordinator and Student Film Association administrator Grant Gomm said. “They organized themselves, coordinated tasks and just got it done.”
The SFA hopes to make the Spooktacular Film and Art Festival another Halloween tradition on campus.



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