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17 Nov 2022
Now with an Open API, Evolv Express® seamlessly integrates with the technologies such as Video Management Systems, Incident Management, Identity Management, Visitor Management, and Notification Systems.
And with its Web API, users can ingest that information into their preferred analytics infrastructure.
Managing security technologies, staff, and the operational processes around both is a complex system embedded in a multi-layered security posture intended to keep adversaries out of the venues or places.
The prevention must be comprehensive…the detection holistic…and respond immediately to any potential incident. It’s time to Experience Evolv Express, groundbreaking screening technology that is digitally transforming ingress, and connecting it to all other venue security technologies.
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Being isolated on the edge of wilderness means there’s a need for a video system that’s both reliable and flexible. For that reason, the team at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) since 2009 has relied on video management software (VMS) from Milestone Systems to enhance security, safety, and efficiency. Challenge – Help to keep scaling At the edge of the frontier, Jackson Hole Airport has experienced considerable growth over the years. Significant capital investments in expansions have made new video system integrations possible several times, and Milestone XProtect has supported the airport’s needs along the way. As of 2020, over 220 cameras were in use, and the airport shows no signs of slowing down As of 2020, over 220 cameras were in use, and the airport shows no signs of slowing down. New projects will include building a fuel farm, a car wash and expanded parking facilities. XProtect’s open platform software As the need to increase security continues, XProtect’s open platform software will continue to enable both IT team growth and the seamless integration of new cameras and data storage capabilities. Solution – Integrations are in the fly zone Milestone XProtect Professional Plus and Smart Client Network cameras from Axis Communications and Panasonic Optimised video server hardware from Razberi Integrated video analytics from Agent Vi All video is stored for up to a full year, with most of the system’s 200 cameras set for motion recording, 24/7. Result – Greater situational awareness for higher security The video system has enabled improvements throughout the entire airport. For example, Jackson Hole Airport has to contend with a great deal of plane de-icing for several months each year. This occurs at a distance from the main buildings and, thanks to the video expansion, each airline is now able to monitor the de-icing of their planes. Allowing clients to monitor progress on their own has saved airport staff time and resources. The airport uses the system to closely monitor the security checkpoint, too, capturing video documentation in case of an incident. Baggage areas are also monitored, so it’s possible to investigate lost bags and left-behind items by reviewing video. New 4K, multi-sensor cameras New 4K, multi-sensor cameras support a largely unmanned investigatory system New 4K, multi-sensor cameras support a largely unmanned investigatory system. They capture everything and provide enough data to zoom in after the fact, if needed. Additionally, the team has deployed video analytics from Agent Vi to provide a layer of automated alarms and notifications for flagging abnormal occurrences. Video analytics can detect events, such as travelers moving against the foot traffic flow and crossing into restricted areas. Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client has shifted general situational awareness in the airport, as a new standard for authorising users’ remote access to the surveillance from multiple locations. It provides seamless viewing of live and recorded video, instant control of cameras and connected security devices, and a comprehensive overview of activity. The ongoing use of Milestone Systems’ video management software (VMS) makes it possible to maintain the independence and efficiency of a small team of personnel, thereby delivering maximum security at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains. Situational awareness for the JAC team and their clients Andrew Wells, the IT Manager for the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), said “Situational awareness for our team and our clients allows us to be as secure and efficient as possible with our small team. The flexibility of the open platform VMS allows us to scale our system and add the features we need now and in the future.” Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) lies seven miles north of Jackson, Wyoming, at the base of the Teton Mountains, in USA. It is unique for being entirely within Grand Teton National Park. It is the busiest airport in the US state of Wyoming, with nearly 500,000 in-bound passengers annually. The airport covers over 500 acres and has one runway that supports 11 hard-stands, nine boarding gates and three baggage carousels.
Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2) is Nigeria’s preeminent air terminal. In 10 years of operation, it has achieved its objective of becoming a world-class airport operator, setting new standards for the African aviation industry. As the country’s first and only privately-funded terminal, its unique structure, ultra-modern facility, world class terminals, customer service, safety, and security are celebrated in the industry. Three thousand passengers move through the terminal each day and it is a secure working environment for more than 2,000 people. Honoured multiple times Its 800-car multi-story Car Park (MSCP) is the first and largest in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic nerve centre and financial hub. The airport has been honoured multiple times; it was rated the best airport terminal in the country in 2014 by the Federal Ministry of Aviation; received the Most Functional Airport Terminal Award of 2016 by IFC International Limited, an aviation consulting firm; and named Nigerian Airport of the Year in 2017 by WorldStage Limited. Its 800-car multi-story Car Park (MSCP) is the first and largest in Lagos The airport is funded and operated by BiCourtney Aviation Services Limited under the PPP (public private partnership) concession agreement between the Nigerian federal government and Bi-Courtney. The terminal has been renovated several times over the years, and has become a benchmark for airport operations in Nigeria. One important component of this is the airport’s recently upgraded video security system, which modernised the earlier hybrid system. Video security system The airport’s earlier video security system was comprised of 60 Pelco analogue high-speed dome cameras, four Pelco hybrid video recorders, and a Pelco matrix/switcher controller. While still functional, the system could no longer meet either the safety and security challenges of the airport in a post 9/11 world, or Bi-Courtney’s long-term operational needs. Functionally, it was challenged by what was synonymous with typical analogue systems – low throughput, low resolution, low video retention, and limited storage. Added to this were the problems of decaying infrastructure, the high cost of maintenance, and incessant communication failures. To ensure that all bases were covered and their needs would be met, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services began the upgrade process by commissioning a consultant for a site survey and issuing an RFP. Baggage claim points As a local integrator and experienced Pelco channel partner, we met all of these objectives” Based on a number of factors including system design, product features, cost, local support capability, and experience, the bid was awarded to BOW Dynamic Systems Ltd. with a Pelco system design. According to A.O. (Adeniyi) Ajayi, Director, Operations and Engineering of BOW Dynamic Systems, airport management had one primary goal for the upgrade – to offer a safe, secure, and pleasant experience to passengers in all parts of the airport, from the parking lot to the lobby and check-in terminals, as well as baggage claim points, cargo areas, and apron. Finding the right technology partner was imperative to achieving this goal. “As a local integrator and experienced Pelco channel partner, we met all of these objectives,” said Otunba Ladi Animashaun, MD/CEO of BOW Dynamic System. “Our comprehensive understanding of the airport’s needs, combined with our deep knowledge and experience with Pelco products, gave us a competitive advantage over other local and international integrators.” Integrated analytics software At the core of the new system design is the Pelco open platform VideoXpert Video Management System (VMS), which is an upgrade from the previous Pelco Endura VMS. The VMS maintains the database of the newly installed Pelco cameras and recording devices as well as integrated analytics software. The VideoXpert platform enables the aggregation of the various systems into a single, intuitive user experience which is accessed through a convenient web interface for system navigation. The VMS maintains the database of the newly installed Pelco cameras and recording devices By unifying operational and security data via a single user interface, airport management has an intelligent end-to-end IP video solution for proactive response to situations within the terminal. “The benefit of VideoXpert goes well beyond the capabilities of the previous analogue environment. For instance, they can now see live video associated with any triggered alarm,” said Mr. Adetoye Adeyale, BOW Project Supervisor. On-board analytics capability “Essentially, it allows operators to better see what they need to see, when it’s needed, so they can make faster and more effective decisions that will help keep the airport safer and more secure.” The replacement video security cameras are another critical upgrade to the overall security of the airport with improved image quality, streaming, and on-board analytics capability. In total, 187 Pelco cameras comprising 21 different models are in use throughout the facility so that the best combination of technology, lenses, and other factors are used to meet the needs of each location. For outdoor security around the airport and in the airport lobby areas where the lighting conditions change throughout the day, BOW installed Pelco’s low-light Sarix cameras. Optera panoramic cameras High-resolution Spectra PTZ dome cameras are used in the parking structure High-resolution Spectra PTZ dome cameras are used in the parking structure, baggage claim points, cargo area, and other parts of the airport, so that in the event of an incident or alert, critical identifying features can be seen in HD detail. Optera panoramic cameras with PTZ capabilities provide additional situational awareness. Most of the cameras feature Pelco’s SureVision technology for improved Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) performance and Smart Compression technology for reduced bit rate usage and storage savings. According to Mr. Akeem Saliu, BOW Project Manager, the cameras’ suite of built-in analytics provides the airport’s security team with increased advantages that enable them to be more productive and ultimately enhance overall security of the airport and surrounding areas. He says, “In addition to conventional features such as motion detection or camera tampering, these intelligent cameras have advanced tracking capabilities.” Pedestrian traffic flow “For example, it’s possible for the system to alert security operators if a person enters a restricted area or walks against pedestrian traffic flow. The camera analytics can even recognise when a piece of luggage has been left unattended or an individual is loitering, and then notify security.” The VSM provides automatic distributed load balancing and active-active failover For video archiving where a minimum of six-months of video retention is required, BOW installed seven VSM servers for a total of 384 terabytes along with three storage pool devices on RAID 6. The VSM provides automatic distributed load balancing and active-active failover within a storage pool to ensure continued recording if catastrophic failure occurs. The design-build features two control centres; one for operations and one for security. Alert security operators The security centre has a video wall with six 55- inch screen monitors, as well as four 24-inch screen monitors dedicated for alarms, event management, and analytics reports, and two desktop screens for each of the two operator’s workstations. The operations centre focuses on apron activities, airfield, hangers, and takeoff and landing of the aircraft, and has two 46-inch screen monitors as well as two 24-inch screen monitors. Additionally, the operation centre client is utilised remotely by both the CEO and CSO; they can call on any camera for forensic purposes or for an overview of operations within the facility. Accommodating future growth The unrestricted architecture is designed to scale and accommodate future growth” “BOW’s network design, configured by certified CCIE personnel, features a star topology with remote intermediate distribution frame (IDF), which is connected to the main distribution frame with fibre optic cables. The unrestricted architecture is designed to scale and accommodate future growth. Network security, switching, and routing complies with industry and cybersecurity protocols. The design, system architecture, and project delivery is an unprecedented success both for the aviation industry and the system user,” says Adeniyi Lawal, BOW IT Support Manager. “Our new Pelco system is smart, easy to use, and flexible – and exactly what we needed to maintain the safety and security of the airport,” adds Captain Williams, MD, Bi-Courtney Aviation. “It’s a game changer, giving us confidence and more complete control and providing a higher level of security for airport passengers, workers, and operators.”
The holiday season is marked by festive spirit and family celebrations, but it is also the busiest time of year for retailers. Busy shoppers willing to spend money are an upside to the holiday shopping season, and many businesses depend on the holiday rush as a critical element to having a successful year. A downside of a busy holiday season is an increase in retail security threats including shoplifting. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: How can technology address loss prevention challenges during the holiday shopping season?
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