DragonCastle – A PoC That Combines AutodialDLL Lateral Movement Technique And SSP To Scrape NTLM Hashes From LSASS Process

Upload a DLL to the target machine. Then it enables remote registry to modify AutodialDLL entry and start/restart BITS service. Svchosts would load our DLL, set again AutodiaDLL to default value and perform a RPC request to force LSASS to load the same DLL as a Security Support Provider. Once the DLL is loaded by LSASS, it would search inside the process memory to extract NTLM hashes and the key/IV.

The DLLMain always returns False so the processes doesn’t keep it.

It only works when RunAsPPL is not enabled. Also I only added support to decrypt 3DES because I am lazy, but should be easy peasy to add code for AES. By the same reason, I only implemented support for next Windows versions:

The signatures/offsets/structs were taken from Mimikatz. If you want to add a new version just check sekurlsa functionality on Mimikatz.



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