Disable ads on your Android smartphone 2021 Method


 Disable ads on your Android smartphone 2021 Method 

how can I block ads on my android phone
How To Stop Ads On My Android, How Do I Block Ads On My Android Phone , How To Disable Ads On Android

Hi guys, welcome back to my site cybertelugu . Today I am going to show to how to disable ads on your Android smartphone within Few clicks so lets get into it 
               The technique described below works on Android, beginning from version 9.0, however, if your system has an Android version less than the specified one, you’ll alternatively use the AdGuard ad blocker how can I block ads on my android phone
                                   You can discover the model of the android by means of getting to the system settings by way of opening the item “About device” or “About phone”. The Android version subject will indicate the presently mounted version.
Now let’s expire directly to disabling ads. Note that on distinct devices, the thing names may differ:
Let’s get started:
how can I block ads on my android phone
1. Open settings> wi-fi networks (Network and Internet)
2. We see the thing Private DNS. (You may additionally have it during a separate menu “Other settings”)
3. within the discipline that opens, enter “dns.AdGuard.com”
That’s it, shut the settings and knowledge the absence of ads.
You can additionally disable advertising and marketing thru a router – then all units on the community will work barring advertising.
This method will work on all devices connected to the laptop, phone, router PC, etc.
We will block the usage of DNS AdGuard
1. We enter the settings of the router through the browser, force within the line, or the password and login if you’ve got not changed the admin
2. we discover the DNS settings, on each router in one among sort ways.
3. We power in these addresses:
That’s it, there are not any greater ads.
Thanks 😍
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