Deepfence Open Source Community Update – August 2022 – Security Boulevard

Deepfence Open Source Community Update – August 2022 – Security Boulevard

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We’ve seen some tremendous momentum since our last open source community update and are excited to share our most recent milestones.
Last week we joined the security community at Black Hat, one of the world’s premier cybersecurity events. We could think of no better stage upon which to unveil our boldest and biggest release yet – ThreatMapper 1.4. 
ThreatMapper 1.4 delivers all these new open source features (and more):
We first open sourced ThreatMapper in October 2021, and since then we’ve packed in more must-have cloud native security features, making it truly an industry first. There is no other project, open source or commercial, that applies these comprehensive features and capabilities across the cloud native continuum.  
If you’re looking for some resources to help you get you started with ThreatMapper 1.4, check out the announcement blog post, or head on over to GitHub to grab the source code
Get the ThreatMapper 1.4 and Black Hat recap here in this video:
In addition to ThreatMapper, we maintain four additional open source projects so you can better protect your cloud native estate:
We’re excited to celebrate a new milestone: Deepfence open source projects now have 4000+ stars on GitHub!
Open source is at the heart of what we do at Deepfence. Check out our new community site to find all the documentation and more that you need to learn more about our different open source projects and how to engage:
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