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Decision Digital, a rapidly growing managed IT services provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, continues to break records and exceed expectations. They are elated to announce they have been formally recognized and named by ConnectWise with the highly sought inaugural WISE awards’ Partner Referral award.
The WISE awards aim to recognize industry and community leaders who have creatively used ConnectWise products, services, and community to further their own customers’ success. Decision Digital has accomplished precisely that with its unique, customized ConnectWise consulting services that help managed IT Services providers (MSP) achieve more.
CEO and Founder of Decision Digital, Rick Harber, says, “To be selected from the over 47,000 ConnectWise partners worldwide is quite humbling. This honor belongs to our teams and their shared devotion to elevating our mutual customers. All of us at Decision Digital are profoundly grateful for the recognition, and our partnership with the fine people at ConnectWise.”
Harber went on to share, “It’s quite amazing to see the change in MSP owners once they understand how to use ConnectWise to run their MSP businesses more efficiently…from a fellow MSP. They walk taller. They smile more. As leaders they feel validated, and their confidence increases exponentially.”
From an operational perspective, it’s clear that running more optimally benefits both the company and their customers. It’s a win-win relationship for which Steve Miller, Decision Digital’s Director of Operations, is grateful. Driving this “success for all” approach is Decision Digital’s strong partnership with ConnectWise. Miller said, “It’s always great to work for a company that demonstrates its value not just to our customers, but to our partners.”
The ConnectWise Partner Referral award is given to the partner company who has successfully converted the most annual referrals to ConnectWise services.
WISE Awards by ConnectWise
The WISE Awards by ConnectWise is an annual awards program to recognize ConnectWise partners as industry and community leaders. Recipients are chosen based on their creative use of ConnectWise products, services, and community to do extraordinary things for their customers and achieve their most ambitious vision of success. Learn more at
ConnectWise is the world's leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs) through unmatched software, services, community, and marketplace integrations. ConnectWise offers an innovative, integrated, and security-centric platform—Asio™—which provides unmatched flexibility that fuels profitable, long-term growth for partners. ConnectWise enables TSPs to drive business efficiency with automation, IT documentation, and data management capabilities and increase revenue with remote monitoring, cybersecurity, and backup and disaster recovery technologies. For more information, visit
About Decision Digital:
Decision Digital is a comprehensive IT services firm that serves a global client base, diversified into numerous industries and vertical markets. In operation since 1997, Decision Digital designs, deploys, and manages a wide range of networks for public, private, and multinational corporations. In addition, they also provide cloud and managed service technologies. Driven by a belief that networks should be exceptional and not acceptable, Decision Digital works diligently to provide their clients with proven results and direction by combining scalable network designs and dynamic technical resources, all with a predictable budget. With their assistance, companies gain the skillset and tools to embrace technology, operate more efficiently, and achieve excellence.
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