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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Cell phones, AirPods, and brand-new cars all have one thing in common, the ability to connect to each other via Bluetooth technology. 
However, this interconnectivity also leaves these devices more vulnerable to hackers. 
“Any technology is prone to cyber-attacks,” said Scott Davis, president of the Cybersecurity Association of Pennsylvania. “The desire and the need for connectivity is getting us less aware of the risks because everything is connected.”
Davis says hackers can find a way to steal data by connecting to your personal device via Bluetooth. The scheme is known as bluebugging.
“A lot of times, Bluetooth security allows for a brute force kind of attempt at finding that four-digit pairing number,” said Davis.
Hackers try to steal data from devices when they are in “discover” mode. For instance, if you were to connect your AirPods to your cell phone, hackers could use that vulnerability to connect to your device and steal your data.
“Someone could be a mile away,” said Davis. “As long as they have a high enough power on their Bluetooth, that they can reach your signal, a connection is possible.”
Davis advises people to turn their Bluetooth off when they’re not using it. He also says people should be updating the software on their devices. 
Most importantly, you should turn your phone off “discover mode” when connected to a Bluetooth device.
“As long as it’s discoverable, it’s sending that ‘hello, I’m here’ message, and letting everyone know you want to be friends and connect,” said Davis.
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