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Cyber Security Solutions
A cyber security solutions includes a product or service that helps protect organizations and individuals from damaging cyberattacks. Although often used synonymously, the terms cyber security solution and cyber security solution provider have different meanings.
The term cyber security solution applies to companies that help prevent and mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities. Seceon Inc. help you protect your business that has the constant threat of cyber-attacks.
Our society of connected devices creates new challenges and opportunities to defend against cyber threats; we assist enterprises in creating a stronghold network without vulnerabilities.
Why Would You Choose Cyber Security?
Cyber security solutions are, in simple words, preventive and responsive tools and services that assist with safeguarding different organizations, which can bring about unrecoverable downtime of digital assists.
In the modern world of cyber security, with a wide range of steadily evolving dangers, our tools and services are an essential element of network safety. Here are the few cybersecurity solutions you can know about—
Protect Your Developed Application with Robust Application Security
Application security includes different processes and tools that assist companies with finding, fixing, and persistently remediating application security attacks. For great effectiveness, application security must have all access at all levels — including software and hardware.
Here are some cybersecurity solutions under application security –
Web Application Firewall (WAF) reviews the HTTP/S traffic moving between the internet and the application. It detects and prevents malicious attacks and activities.
APIs are the connectors. These enable communication between various applications. It allows you to move data among services and applications and has high vulnerabilities against cyberattacks. We assist with safeguarding APIs and prevent exploitations.
DDoS Protection
The Denial-of-Service, perhaps the most common attacking method, attempts to disrupt the normal operations. In many cases, it shutdowns entire network servers and communication networks. It regularly targets websites. DDoS security measures can assist with protection and prevention plans.
Software Analysis
Seceon Inc. helps you secure software libraries and licensing information. It analyzes the open-source parts of your application. After it recognizes open-source programming, the device gives data about every library, including authorizing data and information on distinguished security weaknesses.
Application Security Testing (Black, White, and Grey)
Here are the three principal ways to deal with application security testing:
Nothing Protects Better Than Our Data Security
We use different data security tools, such as sensitive data management, data compliance, threat prevention, and data governance, to detect, protect, prevent, and respond in case of any cyberattack. Below are the briefs on the DS tools –
Your Assets Must Have Endpoint Security
Here are the most well-known endpoint security solutions you can implement for your organization:
Do You Store Your Data Online? Get Cloud Infrastructure Security
Security tools that help you protect your cloud-based information:
Nothing’s Safe—Choose Network Security
The best-in-class network security tools include:
Masterful Internet of Things (IoT) Security
The following are three IoT security solutions you should not miss:
Does Your Business Require Enterprise Security?
Enterprise security solutions are detective, preventive, and responsive in implementing security strategies across the digital infrastructure in an organization.
Does Your Business Need Enterprise Security Management?
Enterprise Security Management is a high-class term for practicing and implementing security policies to safeguard complex security systems. It is about the setup, organization, and monitoring of security policies across security tools used.
The foremost objective is to provide control over dispersed and complex enterprise security setups. We provide this to address unapproved access and meet strict compliance and privacy compliances.
Its primary directive is to protect data; at rest and in transit. Commonly, this service includes the CSO, CISO, and CIO. Please note that our management implementations assist with safeguarding the organization against external and internal attacks.

What’s the Deal with Enterprise Security?
Enterprise Security defines a thorough and productive cybersecurity plan. A roadmap satisfies different regulations, controls risk, and oversees security activities. Preferably, Seceon Inc. adjust business objectives and compliance goals to the mission and vision of the association.
Find Below Notable ESG Frameworks –
Choose Cyber Security Solutions With Us
Notes On How Seceon Can Help You
It was once difficult for IT managers to protect their companies’ sensitive data. In most cases, they had very limited resources and were terrified of losing a lawsuit if something were to happen. How to protect yourself against cyberattacks through essential cybersecurity tips and advice.
With the rise in cyberattacks or malicious activities, companies are looking for ways to protect their data from hackers. There are various ways to remove sensitive information from both internal and external sources.
The Internet has opened up a floodgate for this problem as there is no end to technical guidance on how not to protect your business. Some of these techniques include encryption, pre-authorized codes, and multi-factor authentication software.
Security must be part of your design when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) and “things” that connect to the internet.
Unfortunately, that may not always be easy if you do not have experience building secure systems. What do you consider when it comes to designing devices that are not secure?
What are some common mistakes made during design and development? And, what should product managers think about when increasing security for new connected devices by using existing platforms?
As technology continues to advance and expand, cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all kinds. Given that it is such an abstract and commonly misunderstood challenge, companies are looking for ways to find solutions that work with their current business models.
Specifically, many small businesses are concerned about the cost of implementing measures needed to combat cybercrime.
Nobody’s perfect, but B2B cybersecurity vendors have to be close like us. In essence, we must provide a product that will keep up with our clients’ daily pace and speed of innovation within the business market.
Our cybersecurity continuously evolves and adapts to survive existing threats, enable future growth, and remain relevant.
Cyber threats are growing daily from unaware netizens and hackers. Businesses need to ensure that their data is safe from hacking attacks and notice what changes are being done by malware or virus infections.
Seceon aiXDR offer cost-effective cybersecurity solutions for businesses through an international group of security professionals who leverage all their resources and network strength to ensure high-level cyber protections.
We identify your potential business risks and provide comprehensive solutions with our highly skilled team. Our cybersecurity is about protecting networks, computers, programs, data, and other digital assets from attack.
Our cybersecurity involves implementing security measures to ensure that business is conducted securely while protecting sensitive or critical information from unauthorized access.
Over the past year, the number of high-profile breaches in companies like Target, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot has served to bring cybersecurity concerns firmly into the spotlight.
What started as a niche concern for large retailers has become an increasingly relevant one for marketers of all sizes — not to mention that data security is generally much more on consumers’ minds than it was just a few years ago.
Cyber security can be risky. The harsh reality of cyber threats is that no business is immune, regardless of their industry or size. Even with today’s advanced network security technology and practices, the majority of companies are still not prepared to deal with a cyber breach.
We do not need to tell you that a successful attack could have deep-reaching effects on your customers and how you do business.
Companies are increasingly reliant on their stakeholders’ personal data and assets to power their operations. As they engage in more digitally-driven activities, they provide hackers with more entry points into the corporate network where sensitive company information can be accessed, stolen, or corrupted.
Cyberattacks continue to rise. Companies have not addressed the impact and threats of costly cyber-attacks decisively. In some cases, executives are unaware of the cyber-attack against their company until it is too late.
Cyber threats come in many forms: ransomware, malware and viruses, and denial-of-service attacks are just some of the types you could be dealing with.
Security strategy and technology must be in sync to outpace cybercriminals and secure data from getting into the wrong hands. We do what must be done, no matter what, to protect our clients.
Our cybersecurity solution aiXDR protects IT systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or information and disruption or misdirection.

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