Cyber Security Awareness Month – Jefferson County, Co

Cyber Security Awareness Month – Jefferson County, CO

Our lives have become overwhelmingly digitally connected, and because of that, every one of us must become a Cyber Champion by doing our part to keep our online lives safe and secure. All of us have a role securing our own part of cyberspace. When we use the Internet safely, we make it more secure for everyone, not just ourselves. If we each do our part to champion stronger security practices, raise community awareness, and create and participate in cyber security programs, then together we will become a digital society which is safer, and more resistant to cybercrime. That's what National Cyber Security Awareness Month is all about! 
You might be wondering why we make this effort every October? Because the state of cyber security is not getting better – according to the FBI, Coloradans lost $10 million more from cyber crime in 2021 compared to 2020.
Cyber Security - Colorado Crime By Type    Full FBI Crime Reports:   2020: and                                                             2021

You can use these resources to protect yourself from becoming the victim of cyber crime: 


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