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The average cost of a breach in Australia is $3.35 million. On top of that, 54 percent of businesses claim that their IT staff lack the sophistication to defend against advanced cyberattacks. This has resulted in more than half of business owners being apathetic about cybersecurity.
These statistics cover mainly a company’s in-house infrastructure and database. With outsourcing becoming increasingly mainstream, how can an already vulnerable system be safeguarded if much of a company’s data now exists in the personal devices of outsourced workers?
Outsourced IT monitoring and management
Plex IT helps companies with cybersecurity concerns by providing outsourced security management. They support various business operations in creating efficient and secure networks with scale-on-demand capacity. Plex IT’s primary goal is to help Australian companies implement solid security frameworks by providing a set of “best practices,” which would determine risk tolerance and set controls to ensure that organisational and client data are safe.
Plex IT’s services include managed firewalls, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning, and antiviral services. Plex IT also provides and manages a cloud-based infrastructure that allows organisations to scale on demand, reduce operating costs, and increase their security posture.
Plex IT, as a company, is a testament to how business owners can protect an organisation even with a remote workforce. By leveraging best-in-class technology, the organisation has been able to develop flexible workplaces leveraging cloud services. Utilising the right technology has allowed them to develop a truly modern workplace which in turn has seen significant ROI, which includes a 40% increase in productivity while their staff reports a 90% increase in their overall happiness and retaining a 90%+ CSAT score for service reviews.
Beyond cybersecurity
Plex IT has proven that improving an organisation’s cybersecurity will impact other aspects of the business, including its culture. Employee morale and motivation could increase if they feel that their work environment is safe, even if it is outside the four corners of an office. As David Payne of Plex IT says, “Security is a culture that the organisation, as a whole, must partake in to be a part of that security culture.

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