Cyber attacks: How you fit detect phishing, cyber-attack wey Nigeria police warn citizens about – BBC

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Di Nigeria Police Force National Cybercrime Centre (NPF-NCCC) don drop warning of one suspected plan by bad pipo to prepare ground for likely trick dem get dia informate and cyber-attacks.
Police say di evil plan na to share one WhatsApp message wey don already dey circulate say di Cybercrime Department of di Nigeria Police Force dey tell Nigerians about di start and warning of possible breach for di migration protocols to di 5G network services.
Director wey dey in charge of di NPF-NCCC, DCP Uche Ifeanyi Henry, say di informate no dey true and e no come from di police Cyber crime centre.
Oga Ifeanyi warn Nigerians make dem dey alert say di informate be from cyber criminals wey dey set ground to fleece innocent and unsuspecting members of di public of dia moni or to steal dia identities.
Police advise say make di general public say make dem ignore di broadcast message and no follow share am .
Dem add say e dey deceptive and misleading.
Dem also add say ogbonge guidelines on di roll-out and migration to 5G network go dey available when di time reach.
And say everybody go fit find di informate for authorized websites and verified social media handles of di NPF-NCCC, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Telecom Companies, and oda communication service providers.
Wetin phishing mean be to try trick somebody make dem give out informate over email.
You fit receive one email wey dey claim to be from your bank or from one social networking site.
Dem usually include link to one fake website wey fit look like di real one wey you sabi.
If you do mistake log in peren e go send your username and password to pesin wey go use am access your real accounts.
Dey fit tif your money or your identity.
Your bank no go ever send you email to ask for your personal informate or your username and password.
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One of di most important tools wey you fit invest in be antivirus software.
Most antivirus fit helep you detect malware, spyware, ransomware, and malicious email attachments.
Then, when e don alert you about high-risk matter, you fit quickly sabi di threat and stop am bifo e cause any serious gbege.
Most cyber-attacks fit dey prevented if pesin take dis basic security steps:
If you be victim of cyber crime abeg report am immediately to authorities wey fit help.
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