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Chisel-Strike – A .NET XOR Encrypted Cobalt Strike Aggressor Implementation For Chisel To Utilize Faster Proxy And Advanced Socks5 Capabilities

Clone/download the repository: git clone https://github.com/m3rcer/Chisel-Strike.git

Make all binaries executable:

cd Chisel-Strike

chmod +x -R chisel-modules

chmod +x -R tools

sudo apt-get install mingw-w64

sudo apt install mono-complete

Recompile binaries from the src folder if needed.

chisel <client/server> <command>: Run Chisel on a beacon

chisel-tms <client/server> <command>: Run Chisel on your teamserver

chisel-enc: XOR Encrypt SharpChisel.exe with a password of choice

chisel-jobs: List active chisel jobs on the teamserver and beacon

chisel-kill: Kill active chisel jobs on a beacon

chisel-tms-kill: Kill active chisel jobs on teamserver

Create a method to parse command output for the chisel-tms command.


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