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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is being called on to establish a working group with businesses and in order to combat cyber threats.
Digital Business Ireland (DBI) is the representative body for online businesses.
It has called for more regular engagement between the NCSC and SMEs in the form of training, real-time information on live threats and feedback from businesses on the ground.
DBI says its call comes on the back of the recent trend by criminal ransomware groups to switch focus away from government/critical infrastructure to smaller businesses.
In a letter sent to the Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, DBI commended the work of the NCSC in publishing a number of guidance documents outlining measures businesses can take to prevent and recover from cyber-attacks.
However, the representative body highlighted its ongoing concern surrounding the lack of communication with businesses.
“A working group, led by the NCSC, would act as a forum for businesses to receive real-time information on ongoing threats so that they can quickly adapt and repel possible cyber-attacks,” said Ashley McDonnell, Chairperson of Digital Business Ireland.
DBI says the working group would also cover longer-term issues such as cyber training as well as provide useful on-the-ground feedback to the National Cyber Security Centre directly from businesses on the front line.

“The recent change in tactics by criminal ransomware groups to switch focus from Governments, critical infrastructure and big business to smaller businesses, means that our cybersecurity resilience and policy must also change. The first step must be to increase engagement with smaller businesses,” Ms McDonnell said.
In response, a spokesperson for the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications said that work is underway on the Mid Term Review of the National Cyber Security Strategy, which will suggest further measures to strengthen resilience of business and society against cyber security threats and incidents.
“In that regard, the NCSC will continue its engagement with the relevant representative organisations and would be happy to meet with Digital Business Ireland,” the spokesperson said.
The department is also highlighting a number of initiatives aimed at businesses, which have been undertaken by the NCSC, including awareness campaigns, engagement with representative organisations and the issuing of guidance and support documents.
Work & Technology Correspondent
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