An Introduction To Multi-Layered Cyber Security For Businesses – Business Review

An Introduction To Multi-Layered Cyber Security For Businesses – Business Review

Because of cyberattacks, many businesses across the world continue to lose millions of dollars every year. This is why businesses need to strategize and implement a functional and compelling cybersecurity plan.
But the problem is that cyberattacks are continuously evolving as technology does. That’s why even the most powerful cybersecurity solutions sometimes fail. If that’s the case, you must consider implementing a multi-layered cybersecurity solution for your business.

Multi-layered cybersecurity protection is a more complicated and effective solution than its conventional counterpart. Since it’s not quite easy to implement, you might want to consider asking the best cyber security services in Boston for assistance. 
But before you ask for help, it’s best to have a basic understanding of what multi-layered cybersecurity means for businesses. Thus, in this article, you’ll learn every essential detail you need to know about multi-layered cybersecurity. 

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What Is Multi-Layered Cybersecurity?
Also known as ‘defense in depth’ and ‘multi-level security,’ multi-layered cybersecurity is a practice of protecting a system from multiple threats using multiple layers of security. Hence, the name. Essentially, it is a combination of multiple solutions created to reduce the chances of cyberattacks by protecting the system from all directions. The principle behind this is simple—any solution has a flaw. Therefore, its multiple layers work by covering the gaps and weaknesses of its co-existing layers to ensure optimum protection.

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In addition, multi-layered cybersecurity shouldn’t be confused and used interchangeably with multiple executions of the same solutions, which is, in this case, redundant. For example, installing two different antivirus applications is not a multi-layered solution since they’re both antiviruses with the same build and functionality. However, installing an antivirus application with a firewall, privacy controls, an anti-malware program, an anti-spam application, and more is an example of a multi-layered solution. It may be only one application, but it has multiple solutions capable of protecting the system on all sides.
What Are The Different Layers Of A Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Solution?
Here are the layers of protection typically applied in a multi-layered cybersecurity solution to ensure optimum protection:
Why Do Businesses Need Multi-Layered Security?
Multi-layered cybersecurity solutions are crucial to all kinds of businesses because of the following reasons:
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Final Words
Multi-layered cybersecurity is a set of multiple security protocols combined to ensure optimum protection against cyberattacks. Also, this helps businesses combat ever-evolving and more sophisticated threats that may infiltrate your network and steal your data without you knowing. Therefore, if you think you need a multi-layered cybersecurity solution right now, consult an IT service provider today and start protecting your business.
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