A way to hide a document inner a picture. Made very easy – even your children can do it faster


🎁 A  way to hide a document inner a picture. Made very  easy – even your children can do it faster


hi, guys in this article I will show you how hackers and other illegal people hide their secret messages into an image or gif, or any document. so please read the article correctly and follow the given instructions below and let’s begin the show 


Labored on: home windows XP, windows vista. Windows 7, Windows 10


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🔵 In the end, after a prolonged time hibernating because of the fact, I’m dealing with my thesis protection, now I can try to write a handy and smooth + moderate recommendations and trick. Perhaps some of you already recognize this trick, however, although it, however, beneficial as facts :-).

Some people emailing me and counseled me to preserve posting the tutorials, and that I, in reality, mentioned positive of direction…that’s mean I thought to pick out an awful lot better time management to deal with my lifestyles, paintings and computer do not forget the number 🙂 .

‼️Wikipedia says about Steganography :

Steganography is the artwork and technological know-how of writing hidden messages in this sort of way that no one, apart from the sender and meant recipient, suspects the life of the message, a structure of safety through obscurity. The phrase steganography is of Greek beginning area and functionality “concealed writing” from the Greek phrases steganos (στεγανός) that ability “covered or protected”, and graphics (γραφή) that capability “writing”.                             

                                           The primary recorded use of the term was as soon as quickly as in 1499 with the useful resource of johannes trithemius in his steganographia, a treatise on cryptography and steganography disguised as an e ebook on magic. Normally, messages will exhibit as much as be some element else: pictures, articles, buying lists, or a few one-of-a-kind cover text and, classically, the hidden message can also be in invisible ink between the visible strains of a non-public letter.‼️

K, now shall we start the suggestions and trick about a way to conceal report interior a photo.

🔵 Requirements :

⚜️ Command Prompt

🔵 Step via Step :

Before begin, I have one secret file named: cybertelugu.pdf, I do now not prefer distinctive humans understand about this file and moreover a photo named: hacker.jpg. All of the documents I put in my personal folder named pictures.

⚜️ Open your command on the spot  (view the shortcut here)

⚜️ Go to your photos folder (see the tutorial on how to navigate the utilization of command immediately here)

⚜️ Compress your secret file (cybertelugu.pdf) the usage of WinRar,  7Zip, etc. 


This works on both windows and as well as on the android guys just follow the below steps 

for windows, I will show you 

step 1

open browser 

step 2

type Steganography tools there are plenty of tools are available on the internet you can choose any one as per your wish 

step 3

choose the image, gif, or any document which you want to hide your secret message 

step 4 

open the tool which you have downloaded and follow the above steps 

Guys in android step one will be different in step 1 you need to open play store guys 

and search for Steganography tools guys 

thanks for reading the Article guys 




I am hoping you’ve enjoyed my steganography. In case you favored/disliked it, please leave your opinion in the thread. I am hoping to make absolutely everyone glad about this website

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