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What are some cyber threat trends that will likely dominate the landscape in 2023 and beyond? 

A new Intel 471 report, The 471 Cyber Threat Report; 2022-2023 Trends & Predictions, analyzes recent and commonly used tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that prominent threat actors have adopted, how these threats have affected enterprises, along with predictive intelligence assessments on threats that organizations should be prepared to thwart over the next year.

The four key cybersecurity threats organizations need to be aware of include:

“Just as threat actors and groups are adjusting their methods to remain resilient against new and emerging security measures, organizations should be staying abreast of key TTPs employed by adversaries and adjusting their security systems based on that intelligence to tackle new and refined ways of being compromised,” says Intel 471 Chief Intelligence Officer, Michael DeBolt.

The 471 Cyber Threat Report includes a series of mitigation recommendations to help organizations and their security teams harden their security practices, detect potential threats, and isolate their sensitive information to avoid falling victim to new ransomware strains and malware. 

Download the full report here.
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