3 windows tips and tricks 2021 updated


hi guys today i am going to show you 3 windows tips and tricks 

so lets get into it 

❇️ How CAN WE  Setup and Use Focus Assist On THE  Windows 10


3 Windows Tips And Tricks 2021 Updated

🔹Step 1: First of all, click on on on the ‘Start button and pick out ‘Settings’

🔹Step 2: NOW GO ON SETTINGS PAGE AND, click on on on the ‘System’ option.

🔹Step 3: Now CHOOSE  the choice referred to as the ‘Focus Assist’ tab from the left of telephone

🔹Step 4: Now you will see a show like below. Focus useful resource will BE HAVNIG  three preferences – Off, Priority Only, and Alarms Only.

🔹Step 5: GUYS By default, the Focus help is set TO OFF MODE. If you want to disguise all THE notifications, THEN  choose the alternative ‘Alarms only’. It will block all THE app notifications, without the Alarms THEN THAT YOU NEED TO SET .

🔹Step 6: If you decide upon to get maintain of notifications of chosen apps, choose out the ‘Priority Only’ option.

🔹Step 7: Before choosing the priority-only option, you want to personalize your priority listing first. For that, click on on on the ‘Customize your priority list’ option.

🔹Step 8: Now you will locate extra than one preferences there. You can pick out out to cover calls, text, and reminder notifications, etc.

🔹Step 9: If you want to acquire notifications of chosen apps, truely click on on on the ‘Add an App’ button and add the apps whose notifications you wish to receive.

✅ That’s it! You are done.


❇️How To Learn About Remap Keyboard Keys In Windows any version 7 -10  Computer In Only 60 seconds .


🌐 We will share a piece of precise information on how to remap keys the usage of the Windows 10 PowerToys keyboard supervisor module. Using this method you can Encrypt your & message &  be like an hacker.

🔹Step 1: First of all, set up PowerToys on your Windows 10 computer.
🔹Step 2: Once installed, open the PowerToys utility from the gadget tray.
🔹Step 3: Now click on on the ‘Keyboard Manager’ alternative on the left pane.
🔹Step 4: On the proper pane, toggle the swap for ‘Enable Keyboard Manager’ to flip on the feature.
🔹Step 5: Now on the Remap Keyboard section, click on on the ‘Remap a key’ button. The area lets in you to remap a single key button. For instance, if you prefer your caps lock button to flip on the ‘Num Lock’, choose ‘Caps Lock’ on the Original Key and choose ‘Num Lock’ on the New Key. Once done, click on on the ‘Ok’ button
🔹Step 6: Now go to the preceding page, and click on on the ‘Remap a shortcut’ button.
🔹Step 7: On the subsequent page, you would be requested to remap the keyboard shortcut keys. For example, if you prefer Ctrl + C to paste, Ctrl+C is the unique shortcut, and CTRL+V is the new shortcut. Similarly, you can remap different shortcut keys as well. Once done, click on on the ‘Ok’ button
✅ That’s it! You are done. This is how you can remap keys to the usage of Windows 10 PowerToys. Encrypt your texts like an Hacker ✌️
Keep aiding us❤️,

❇️How to flip on Hibernate Mode On Windows any model ie 7-10  computer


🌐 Although the Hibernate mode is no longer handy on the Start menu, it doesn’t imply that the attribute doesn’t exist. Windows 10 purchasers can manually allow the ‘Hibernate’ desire from the Power options.

🔹Step 1: First of all, click on on on on the ‘Start button and pick out ‘Settings.’
🔹Step 2: On the Settings page, click on on on on on the ‘System.’
🔹Step 3: Next, click on on on on on the ‘Power & Sleep’ option.
🔹Step 4: Now on the tremendous pane, click on on on on the ‘Additional Power Settings’ option.
🔹Step 5: This may additionally  open the Power p.c Options page. Click on the ‘Choose what the electricity buttons do’ option.
🔹Step 6: Next, click on on on on the ‘Change settings that are cutting-edge unavailable
🔹Step 7: Now take a exhibit up at the Hibernate self-discipline and click on on on on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

✅ That’s it! You are done. This is how you can permit hibernate mode on Windows 10 computer. Now click on on on on the Power button, and you will discover out the ‘Hibernate’ desire there.

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