3 Best Cell Keyloggers 2022?


Cell Keyloggers are a mixed breed of dog, and like any mixed breed, I have some mixed feelings about them. They can save your hide by defending you to the death, or they can get someone’s reputation or way of life destroyed.

So what’s a (cell)keylogger?

It’s an app that secretly records keystrokes and sends them by way of sleuthing internet magic to some evildoer on the other side of the world. Or your dad could use it to catch your mom spying on him. They really have a million uses and, right or wrong, it is parents that are the only ones truly equipped to play Big Brother, and do so ethically.

The Explanation Of Cell Keyloggers?

Certainly, they’ve got the know-how to reign in a reckless teen who’s too street-smart for his own good. Dad knows the limits because Dad knows the kid inside and out. Not government. Not the FBI. And most certainly not the police. We’ve seen what happens to sexting teenagers who pass around nude photos like baseball cards. It ain’t pretty.

Courts and cops trawl them, raid them and jail them, and then claim to ‘help’ the kids by throwing them on the sex offender’s list because, well, that’s what they like to do to other people’s kids. I don’t know about you but I think the parents can do a much better job than any bureaucrat. So below are a few I recommend if you’ve got 14-year-old experimenting with carjackings or gang-related activity. You know, serious crimes

For other things like weed, curfew breaking, and voyeurism, I’d not recommend any of these, especially for older teens. The reason being is because they may find out they’re being spied on. Call it a sixth sense. Then they’ll Google all kinds of ridiculous things just to toy with you. Search terms like:

  • Sex change operations.
  • How to make a PB&J with the crusts cut off.
  • How long would a rubber duck float in the Gulf of Oman.
  • My cat wants me to get an abortion.
  • Is narcissism genetic?
  • How do cows scratch their knees if they itch

Stuff like that. And if you’ve got a kid whose intelligence rivals that of Neo in The Matrix, then you’ve met your match. He could get a USB stick, put a live install of Linux on it and boot from the USB drive. Keep the USB drive hidden when he isn’t using it.

It’s a reverse whammy unless you somehow take his stick, guess his password, figure out Ubuntu and find a way to install a Linux keylogger. Even if that happened, he can just format it and put a fresh copy of Ubuntu on it again. Anyway for the uninitiated, here’s the first one.

It’s called Spy Bubble. It monitors cell phone use on any mobile device you can think of. After you install it, monitoring begins instantly. It’ll monitor and record information on the target phone in complete stealth, giving you complete access to any sensitive information you could be looking for.

At $50 bucks, it ain’t free. But it’s a helluva lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer. The downside is that SpyBubble can’t track stored videos or calendar events. It can’t block phone numbers, websites, or mobile apps. It can’t set keyword alerts to send notifications if the phone is used to access inappropriate material. You also can’t use it to see BlackBerry Messenger chats either.

Second up is Spyera.

Cell Keyloggers
Cell Keyloggers

Third is MobileSpy.

Cell Keyloggers
Cell Keyloggers

Fourth is Flexispy

Cell Keyloggers

Fifth and last is MobiStealth.

Cell Keyloggers
Cell Keyloggers

All of these keyloggers basically do the same thing: spy on your kids, or the competing used car lot owner across the street.

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