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10 Best Technology Facts 2021

Some interesting facts of Technology

hi, guys welcome to my website cyberTelugu.today I am going to share some interesting Technology Facts 2021. Let's see

1. The first message, sent by a test engineer on December 3, 1992, simply said “ Merry Christmas”.



The IBM developed by blue gene/L computer at Lawrence Livermore National  Laboratory I California can perform 478.2 trillion per second.


            Researchers in Australia are building a microscopic robot that would move around in a manner similar to E.coli bacteria. The tiny bacteria could take a biopsy  from inside the human body


            One of first robots was built in the fifth century B.C  by archytus of Tarentum. It was a mechanical bird that could by the powered by either steam or compressed air.


The very first domain name registered was www.symbolics.com, on the 15th March,1985 


    The computers used in the Apollo 11 trip to the moon had less processing power than a modern day cell phone.



          The first television broadcast took place in 1925. Scotsman john logie baird is seen here, in 1925, the usage of  ventriloquist's  dummy to broadcast the first tv image. It was a done with a greyscale image in a 30-line vertically scanned format, at five pictures per second. Archaic through brand new requirements, however a surprise of modern technology at the time.



 Another name of firefox is red panda as it was not fox really but a red panda.



   Originally, Apple’s logo was featured with Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree, with an apple about to fall on his head.


           When the first VCR (Video Camera Recorder) was made in 1956, it was the size of a piano.

This is all about interesting facts


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