10 Crazy facts you didn’t know about computer.


10 Crazy facts you didn’t know about computers.

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  Hey, let us discuss some crazy facts about computers and it’s appliances. Welcome to Computer hacks by cyberTelugu…

1) an everyday man or woman blinks around 20 instances a minute. But, when in contrast to a pc user, they blink simply 7 instances a minute on average.

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Simply, we have a tendency to pay attention extra to the screen, so we typically blink a lot much less in the front of a laptop than we do normally. 

2)the first disk strain to use removable media was once the IBM 1311. You would possibly additionally no longer accept it as true with, however as you may see in the photo beneath, it resembles the appearance of a washing machine. Quite large, but it had a garage functionality of fewer than 5 megabytes.

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3)Have you heard about the computer that can tell whether the smile is fake or real? Trust me, it is not a rumor. It’s miles genuine, and a pc system advanced at mit can try this.

4)On average at least 6000 viruses are created every month. Scared? Genuinely switching to Linux os must do the paintings because technically they do now not get stricken by viruses (almost).

5)the primary 1 GB tough power changed into announced by means of IBM in 1980 which had a fee tag of $forty,000!

6)The first word to be transmitted over the Internet (when ARPANET existed) was “lo”.It turned into intended to indicate – “login” but the machine crashed before transmitting the entire message.

7)Scroll Lock key is the least utilized key on a keyboard. Many believe that it’s completely useless.

Eight)the first pc weighed extra than 27 tons. Her identify changed into once ENIAC, and she or he took up a modest 1800 rectangular feet of space.

9)About 90% of the World’s Currency Only Exists on Computers

This skill totally about 10% of the arena foreign cash is simply cash.

10)computers may quickly be able to inform what puppies assume

                   These computers are under development by a Scandinavia company. A prototype is purported to be available.

These are some of the facts about computers.


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